About the Dojo

Tendoryu Aikido (Singapore)

Tendoryu Aikido (Singapore) was founded in 1998 by Peter Nawrot sensei (4th Dan) and Birgit Lauenstein sensei (4th Dan), both of whom had trained for more than 7 years at Tendokan, dojo of Kenji Shimizu sensei, founder of the Tendoryu style of Aikido.

The current resident instructor is Tan Chee Wei sensei (2nd Dan).


Tan Chee Wei sensei has been teaching Aikido since 1990. First as an Assistant Instructor with Aikikai Singapore, then as an instructor with Tendoryu Singapore.

He spent 2 months training intensively at the Japan Aikido Headquarters (Hombu) under various instructors, including Kisshomaru Ueshiba sensei, son of founder Morihei Ueshiba sensei.

After his return from Japan, a meeting with Peter Nawrot sensei resulted in him joining Tendoryu Aikido (Singapore) as an instructor.

He was awarded his 2nd Dan by Tendoryu Aikido, Japan in 2000, and has continued to upgrade himself by visiting Tendokan, and training under Kenji Shimizu sensei, founder of Tendoryu Aikido.

A Tendo World Aikido member, he attended the inaugural seminar in 2009,  which was also Tendoryu Aikido's 40th Anniversary training seminar conducted by Kenji Shimizu sensei in Izu, Japan. In 2012 he attended the 2nd Tendo world Aikido seminar also held in Izu, Japan.

His most recent visit was in 2015, where he attended the 3rd Tendo World Aikido seminar, also held in Izu, Japan and conducted by Kenji Shimizu sensei.

As a registered People's Association trainer, Tan Chee Wei sensei currently conducts Aikido classes at the Bukit Merah Community Club in Redhill, as well as the Kebun Baru Community Club in Ang Mo Kio.